Who Visits Your Tumblr Blog? – How to Add Visitor Counter Code to Tumblr Blogs

Here and there it’s ideal to know who’s been visiting your blog and where they came from, rather than simply a numbers game – “I had such countless guests last week” and so forth Utilizing guest insights can help you adjust duplicate and content in the event that you’re a significant online marketeer.

Also assuming you’re not, then, at that point, there’s as yet nothing more fulfilling than seeing every day guest numbers rise week on week. In the case of nothing else, it demonstrates you’re accomplishing something right.

Blogger and WordPress blog stages make it truly simple to rapidly add detailed programs like Google Analytics and StatCounter or other visitor counter you know through their Admin User Panels. For Blogger’s situation, you basically need to add a html/javascript contraption and reorder the StatCounter following code into it. It truly is just basic.

Be that as it may, when I came to add StatCounter details to my Tumblr account, I thought that it is somewhat seriously testing.

Tumblr is depicted as “a writing for a blog stage that permits clients to post text, pictures, video, connections, statements, and sound to their tumblelog, a short-structure blog. Clients can “follow” different clients and see their posts together on their dashboard. You can like or reblog different online journals on the website and different clients can do likewise to your posts. The assistance underscores adaptability and usability” (see Wikipedia)

I’ve been utilizing Tumblr to examine a dream iPod playlist, posting an alternate music track or video from YouTube every day. I presently have a constant flow of individual music darlings following my posts.

I was unable to observe anything in the assistance pages and most online hunts stalled out mentally.

Then, at that point, I found, nearly coincidentally, the piece of data I wanted: how to introduce javascript into your Tumblr format, thus I might want to impart that data to you here.

Similarly as with all layout changes, kindly, if it’s not too much trouble, ensure you have a back up some place first (extend gadgets in the event that you’re doing such format changes on Blogger) as things can turn out badly and be incredibly difficult to recuperate from. You’ve been cautioned! (In any case, don’t let that put you off attempting through and through).

So for my situation, I needed to introduce the custom following javascript provided by StatCounter. This is what you do.

1 – Log into your Tumblr Account.

2 – Click the “Redo” connection.

3 – Click “Subject” and afterward select “Utilize Custom HTML”.

4 – Scroll to the furthest limit of the code and glue your StatCounter code JUST BEFORE the


5 – Don’t neglect to click “Save Changes”.

6 – Log once more into your StatCounter record to make sure that it is recording visits (except if you’ve intentionally impeded your IP address from being recorded as a visit).