Top 6 Local Poetry Books To Indulge To During Quarantine

Top 6 Local Poetry Books To Indulge To During Quarantine

From classic poets William Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe up to modern poets Rupi Kaur and Najwa Zebian, poetry has evolved into more intelligent, emotional and simply worded into an augmented masterpiece. Readers of poetry may spend little time reading it as their option for fast reading, but lovers of poetry immersed themselves into the stanzas.

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#ShittyPoetry (Nori Ryoko)

Collectively written and beautifully illustrated by yours truly, the pieces are not what the titular book claims it to be. With a total of 30 poems plus eight bonus poems in between from the beginning of wholesomeness to the bittersweet end of the last page, Ryoko speaks of love, heartbreaks, the slices of life, friendships, and social issues. She may think her creative works are ‘cringy’ and ‘s-word’, but readers hope she knows how much her straightforward words are able to touch their hearts.

More Than Words (Zack Shah)

As the eponymous book said, Shah’s poems describe the unsaid as more than all the spoken words combined. When there are too many thoughts in mind, you would have second thoughts of voicing it out, thus letting it echo and bounce in your head to no end. Shah’s poems are exactly that – his perspective on love and self-love are both comforting yet dark, hopeful yet hopeless, it is complicated in a way if he ever found the love he yearns. Relationships can be tedious and difficult, and readers are able to resonate through Shah’s works to not feel lonely and that it is okay to feel such emotions.

Midnight Monologues (Charissa Ong T.Y.)

If there is a color mode for Charissa’s poetry trilogy, Midnight Monologues is the dark mode. The International Book Awards Finalist has all it takes to be the best poet in both Malaysia and across the globe. Her creative side within her words and the structures of the stanzas can give ideas to the readers how she feels from the pieces alone, and the heartbreaks she had to endure after a painful breakup. Time home fibre Malaysia from loving someone to loving yourself is an inspiration for the readers, thus the award she won really tells how much she deserves happiness and so does everyone.

Paracosm (Arina)
Self-love is the best love, and that is what Arina is trying to say to the readers. It is never worth it to compare yourself to others, whether in educational aspects or meeting certain beauty standards. Her story-like poetry piques the readers’ interest to dive into the imaginative world of Arina, with drawings done by her hands and touches of hearts she delivered, hence the name ‘Paracosm.’