How To Be Successful As A Free Online Translator

If you have finished your traductor Catalan studies at higher professional education and you would like to become a free online translator but you do not know how to start, well here are some steps that you need to follow in order to develop into a successful free online translator.

1.- Once you have completed your translation studies, you should not present yourself on the translation market place straightaway as a free online translator, you need to find employment at any translation firm, is recommendable to spend certain time there in order to gain the necessary practical experience. Your revenue will be less as a salaried employee compared to what you might earn as a free online translator, but do not forget that without any experience you are never going to be successful as a free online translator in the first place.

2.- If you do not find any position in paid employment, then you should try to find a post as an trainee. Some times the translation agencies do not have the resources or capacity to take on new staff, but they can offer you an excellent training post, in order to help you to get the practical experience that you need in the commercial environment.

3.- Once you have got the necessary practical experience in a translation agency, you can start to find your own clients as a free online translator. The best way to start is with part time employment contract so that you will have enough time to work for them and recruit clients.

4.- Do not forget to register as a self employed person. Once you have obtained enough work as a free online translator, you can consider to quit your part time employment contract and to work full time as a free online translator. As a free online translator you can earn in 20 hours of work much more than a full time translator in traditional salaried employment.