Hack and Extract Whatsapp Messages Without PC in Android Mobile

How to hack whatsapp

Whatsapp is very popular messenger in now those days. Everybody uses whatsapp messenger in android phone. So here I tell how can you hack whatsapp messages and read whatsapp content of other users. Extract whatsapp is not so easy because whatsapp encrypt all backup data in .crypt format. The all whatsapp messages stores in encrypt format. So here I tell you every thing about extracting whatsapp data.

There is a Two Method extracting Whatsapp data from android phone. You can easily hack into someone whatsapp messenger from this method.

How to Hack someone Whatsapp Messanger (Two Methods)

How to Hack Whatsapp Account Using PC (First Method)

Second is without PC all hell done in android mobile.

This method is simple because you don’t need any computer or PC in this method.
So here we go.

First Backup of your Whatsapp Messages ,If you don’t know how can you make backup of whatsapp messages try these link.
Then download Next android app named Tri Crypt. This android app decrypt whatsapp crypt 5 format to readable .db(database) format.
Open Tri Crypt Android app and Click on decrypt whatsapp messages.

Now download Sqlite Editor android app for reading whatsapp .db file.
Open Sqlite Editor android app go to Files. Here we have file and directories. We find msgstore.db file in these directories.

Now follow this path in Files find sdcard folder <<whatsapp<<Databases and open msgstore.db file.

Now read all the whatsapp messages in Android Phone.

You can read other Whatspp user data when you get his msgstore.db file.
Help with this tutorial you can easily hack any Facebook account,viber account,wechat account,chrome history ,contacts and much more.