Can You Buy A YouTube Channel

With more than 2 billion active users per month, YouTube is one of the best marketing platforms on the planet. And because growing a channel from scratch can be a time-consuming process, you might be tempted to buy one that already has a solid subscriber base.

So, can you buy YouTube channel? Yes, you can buy a YouTube channel. It’s completely legal to do so, and there are many websites where you can find YouTube channels for sale.

Why buy a YouTube channel?

Before you pay someone a bunch of money to gain access to their channel and subscribers, it’s good to understand why you might want to buy someone’s YouTube account.

One benefit of buying a YouTube channel is the residual income from the videos that are already posted on the channel. YouTube channels that get sold are often review channels, and you can earn money for years to come from the ad and affiliate revenue those existing videos get.

The other benefit of buying a channel is that it already has a dedicated subscriber base. You don’t have to spend years pumping out videos that no one is going to watch. You can take over where the original creator left off and begin marketing your own products and services.

While having a large subscriber base for the sake of the guaranteed views is nice, it also has another benefit ‒ it’ll make building an ever-larger following a much easier process.

Videos with high view counts tend to attract more viewers than videos with low view counts. There are a couple of reasons for this:

A higher view count indicates more authority. When YouTube users see a video with a substantial view count (100,000+), it gives added weight to the content contained in that video. People are more likely to click on a video if it has a higher view count.

The YouTube algorithm prioritizes videos with higher view counts. Those higher view counts let YouTube know that certain demographics like this particular video, and it will push that video higher in the search results and recommended videos section.

Because a large subscriber base will give your videos higher view counts right off the bat, buying an established YouTube channel can let you skip the grind and get right to the money.