Are Downloadable Audio Books Worth Their Cost?

When you begin to look at the value proposition, you really have a better deal even if it were sold at the same price? Maybe that’s why last year the downloadable All You Can Books Pinterest industry climbed to two billion dollars followed by growth projections of (30%) each year thereafter! Wow! … This creates a great foundation for me to further explain what people who love to read books really see in this new paradigm of audio books online downloads. When you think of your friends who love to read (and who doesn’t?) why not give them the gift of an audio book download instead of the last hard copy book you gave them? It’s cheaper, more convenient; they can listen to it while driving, on the plane or relaxing during a spare moment? There are quite a few sites available today where you can download audio books.

Audible, Todaysaudiobooks & Simplyaudiobooks are just a few, but each has its own way of marketing that’s stands out from the other. For example, Todaysaudiobooks has many thousands of downloadable audio book titles, covering 100’s of subject areas, but they have an additional special twist in their offering. They “also” will donate a portion of its total sales each year to Easter Seals charity to aid in supporting their child care development programs. I believe this adds to every customer’s buying experience knowing that not only are they getting a tremendous deal on a high quality audio book download, but are also helping “some” needy American child as well! It’s no wonder that the popularity of audio books has recently become so popular? Listening to audio books is entertaining, relaxing and allows multitasking as well. Just think about having a quick break where you want to get away mentally?

In an airport waiting on that plane, riding in a car, on a train going to and from work, etc… They all allow a convenient escape, just by reaching in your pocket and pulling out the iPod, MP3 player, etc… Heck! You are in the office and even listening to that great book you haven’t finished on your desktop computer, with or without headphones! Digital storage these days is making more and more sense as well.