Lightweight Strollers – Advantages of Lightweight Strollers and Stroller Safety Tips

Let’s face it, the best lightweight stroller for travel is a necessity-have when you have a youngster. They are suitable and allow the infant to go along with you on several diverse activities even if it’s just for a hike around the block. A stroller serves numerous purposes and a lightweight stroller makes the task of getting around much more tolerable. One of the main pluses of using a stroller, is you don’t have to hold your newborn the total time you’re out and about. A lightweight stroller is perfect to travel with.

There are quite a few advantages of a lightweight stroller that are all travel related – they are just what the doctor ordered for diverse lifestyles as well as from a very full of life lifestyle to the urban occupant to the household who enjoys camping and outdoors. For the urban dweller city travel can be challenging with children when using mass transit. Getting on and off buses and subways can be a nightmare with a massive stroller and trying to cope with the little one and all the baby gear and then having to lug a bulky stroller around would keep most parents at home. A lightweight one is not as bulky and difficult as other strollers and can be transported much easier.

For a family who enjoys the outdoors, these lightweight strollers are perfect. They are easy to set in the truck or car and don’t take up much space. These lightweight strollers are just what the doctor ordered for the walk around the lake or recreation playground or even a stroll while on the camping trip and all with handling ease. These strollers will save you in theme parks, family vacations, and every hobby on your list without the hassles of a bulky stroller.

Most lightweight strollers are obtainable with the same features as the standard stroller; reclining seat, swiveling front wheels and suspension, dual wheel brake system, 5-point harness and easy fold mechanism. And you can basically find the same accessories available as well. The lightweight stroller folds nicely and is more compact when compared to the standard baby carriage and some manufacturers even designed their infant carrier/car seat to fit in their lightweight stroller. Don’t forget about “Stroller Safety” no matter what stroller you decide to buy and use. Follow these tips on stroller safety.

Prevent a Baby Stroller Injury

Avoid your baby from having an accident or injury in the baby stroller by following these straightforward suggestions:

· Carefully stick to the manufacturers directions when assembling the baby stroller; contact the manufacturer if there are missing parts or if you have any questions regarding the assembly of the stroller.

· Periodically, check the baby stroller for loose-fitting screws and missing pieces and check the brakes.

· Every time you open your baby stroller, be sure the latches and hooks snap securely rather than placing the baby in the seat to dodge the stroller collapsing on the baby.

· The baby stroller should have a restraint method or seat belt…Use it! Prevent the baby from slipping out of the stroller and prevent your child from leaning over and falling out of the stroller.

· Don’t hang hefty bags and packages on the handles of the baby stroller to prevent tipping.

· Lastly, never leave your little one unattended while in the baby stroller.